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      We are a team of dedicated workers, who always get the job done right. Our production facilities with over a 10-year experience are located in Ukraine, while all our installation experts and designers are here in the United States. But regardless of place location, we all love what we do and aspire for only excellent results. Our strategy is client-focused, it means that our clients can fantasize and outspeak even most daring ideas while we promise to make them come true. Once you make a call or drop us an e-mail, you automatically get the status of a highly respected person. Your home decor idea is our concern, your project is our project.

We start our work from taking measurements and estimates. There is a variety of textures, sizes and color options of stretch ceilings as well as wall murals, so you may be sure to get the product that will satisfy your budget and demands. The most interesting part is your interior/exterior design idea. We'll take that for a challenge to implement it in life the way you envision it. It will take time to work on your project, sometimes a whole month, but perfectly smooth stretch ceiling with excellent fit or an ancient-like fresco with a lightly sculptured surface do not tolerate haste. We are sure, the final result will please you. And once we notice excitement and admiration on your face, it is a sign that all our efforts are rewarded!

Let's work together to gain a mutually positive experience! Send us an e-mail to get started!

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