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Glossy Ceilings

Shiny, smooth, wide and beautiful – all these are effects created by a glossy ceiling. Glossy ceiling color palette is the richest one, so it is easy to pick up a color to match any interior décor. This type of stretch ceiling is a perfect solution for small dens and premises with low ceilings. Glossy ceiling also looks great in a hall, kitchen and bathroom. Depending on light intensity and light direction the reflection on the ceiling can vary from minor to fully mirror. Glossy ceiling visually doubles the space of the room, so the volume effect it creates is incredible!


Matte, Satin Ceilings

If you are looking for a touch of a classic style in interior, then a matte or satin ceiling can be an option. Matte finish creates a perfectly smooth surface and fits in any room design. A soft velvet shine of a satin ceiling can spruce up any space. Satin finish is a number one choice for discrete luxury. Muted yet glamorous both finishes do not draw your attention from interior design but add some character to the premises.


Printed Ceiling is a unique combination of chick and quality. Decide on any finish to realize your most daring design ideas. However, the most popular printing is made on matte and translucent ceiling finishes. Translucent finishes are used for backlit applications and specialty effects. We offer a large collection of images but you are welcome to submit your own image for printing. Ceiling and wall printing can be used for corporate advertisement and branding, large-scale digital printing, or high-end residential décor.


Starry Sky

Spangled sky view always fascinates and attracts attention, that is why starry sky ceilings became a popular design solution. Starry sky is a showy and creative way to decorate a common ceiling. Hundreds of tiny LED lights give magnetism to any premises be it a small room or a huge hall. Alongside its initial decorative function a starry sky can also be used as a relaxation technique after a hard working day. This is definitely a versatile design idea!

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