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Restaurants, Bars, Hotels
Beauty Salon, Spa
Stores, Offices

We are highly interested in seeing and admiring our product in public places. We take it as a chance to show off our high-end interior solutions to more people. So for business owners we offer a flexible pricing and discount propositions.


Business owners of large-size premises have a chance to order stretch ceilings and/or fresco at a lower price. We provide an additional discount for each square foot of our product if the total size of a project is larger than 500 sq.ft. Each client and the project are treated individually, so for more detailed information on your possible discount please drop us an e-mail.


Keep in mind, that in most cases our stretch ceilings and murals can be easily unmounted and reinstalled to a new place. This is especially beneficial for business owners who operate from rented premises. Thus you can keep your brand logo or message printed on a wall/ceiling with you whenever you decide to move to a new building.



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