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A stretch ceiling expert will visit you at the most convenient time. This expert will make accurate measurements of your premises to ensure a perfect fit of your stretch ceiling. It doesn't matter whether you have a small dining-room or a huge banquet hall, stretch ceiling can be installed in any place. The right choice of a color, texture or image will emphasize area's benefits or aesthetically hide its drawbacks. The shapes of a stretch ceiling can be very complex.


On the agreed day, our experienced installation experts will come to your place to accurately mount your stretch ceiling. Installation process does not normally require furniture displacement, but if so our specialists will do all the necessary rearrangements and once the ceiling is installed, your furniture items are guaranteed to be moved to their places. The rest pieces of furniture will be covered to be safely protected within the work zone. But there is always a risk of an accident, so if there are some specific valuable items in the room, we would recommend you to remove them to a safe place.



Installation consists of two phases: a frame installation and a membrane installation. Depending on the project construction, a frame is installed onto a ceiling or walls. It doesn't require scrapping or sanding, so there won't be any plaster dust. After the profile is installed, our experts will check it for compliance and security. Then it is time for the second phase. In order to stretch a perfectly smooth membrane, the room should be heated up to 95 °F (35 °C). It is recommended to remove all highly inflammable items from the room. When the area is warmed, the protective cover is removed from the membrane and the last is clamped into the ceiling. Our experts possess the needed installation skills to guarantee a perfectly smooth surface.

Final Phase

Once the installation arrangements are over, our experts will switch off the heating equipment to make temperature come to normal. They will carefully cover the joints between the walls and the ceiling with a finish frame and, if needed, they will apply some silicone sealant to provide an aesthetic and waterproof effect. If any accessories like vents, lights, fire sensors, etc. are required, they will be carefully installed into precise places on the ceiling. Now your tidy and revamped room is ready for admiration!

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