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Wall Mural

Fresco (in Italian means “fresh”) is one of the techniques of wall painting performed by painting on wet plaster. Previously a base material for fresco was lime, but often it took years to pretreat if for further usage. Today we offer a more advanced and faster services on fresco production. We can make a high-end digital fresco with a unique effect of antiquity. Modern fresco looks like an image printed on thick embossed material mounted on a wall. Durable, waterproof and practical it is a nice choice for bathrooms and kitchens. We have different textures of frescoes on offer and a rich collections of various images. You choose – we produce!

Wall mural is a new trend in modern wall design. Printed canvas emphasize expressiveness and luxury of any interior. Seamless texture creates an effect of perfectly smooth wall with high-quality print on it. We have a rich collection of images of various size, color and technique. The latest printing equipment allows to reproduce 100% bright and colorful pictures. Opt for this alternative to traditional wallpapers and bring perfect beauty to your premises.


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